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This guide is written by Neapolitans who live and love their city. If you are organizing your holiday to visit the historic center of the city of Naples Italy, on this website you will find valid support on the monuments, streets, churches, museums and others beautiful places to visit, where to sleep, itineraries, how to move, things to do in Naples and other useful tourist information.

Known throughout the world, Naples has become in recent years one of the most visited destinations by foreigners and italians. Naples Italy is a city with a historic center rich in history with museums that will make you relive the past, churches full of decorations and traditions, famous squares and streets that express the essence of Naples. Walking through the historic center of Naples Italy you can admire, between a coffee accompanied by a sweet hot sfogliatella and a pizza for lunch, the architecture of the historic buildings among the monuments that follow one another.

Naples is the city of a thousand colors, the city where folklore and the warmth of the people will envelop you. If you need help during your visit to Naples, you will find people who will be able to help you with pleasure and cordiality.