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What to eat in Naples

Known throughout the world for some of its famous dishes, the cuisine of Naples is a mix of tastes, flavors and traditions of the past. Born as a poor cuisine, but flanked by a more refined and elaborate gastronomy typical of the aristocracy, over the centuries it has evolved and changed, reworking popular traditions with those of the nobles. The gastronomic offer of Neapolitan cuisine from starters to desserts is truly varied and full of dishes not to be missed. In Naples Italy the real question is not where to eat – for that you consult Tripadvisor – but what to eat.

Our advice if you want to try the typical dishes of Neapolitan cuisine is to look for trattorias. If you are staying in a B&B or holiday house and want to dine in your accommodation in Naples, the international delivery sites JustEat, UberEats, Deliviroo and Glovo are active. The list, however, of things to eat is really long but we will try to reduce it to a minimum with the most typical dishes to eat:

Pizza – Born in Naples at the end of the 19th century, Neapolitan pizza needs no introduction. Soft and thin on the inside, with a raised soft cornice. When you fold it it doesn’t break, but it stays soft. Before trying it in one of its many variations, we recommend that you try the classic Margherita.

Pasta with Neapolitan ragù – This is the typical Sunday dish and is made with meat not minced but cut into large pieces cooked together with tomato sauce. The ragù is cooked for at least 6 hours over a very low flame.

Pasta and potatoes with provolone – At the base there is a fried onion and bacon, on which the potatoes, a few cherry tomatoes and basil are poured to add some color. At the end of cooking, stir in the boiling water in which the mixed pasta is immersed: for a grand finale, grated Parmesan cheese and diced provolone in generous doses.

Pasta and beans with mussels – It is a recipe that gloriously combines sea and land. It may seem strange to eat pasta and beans in the summer, but this dish is the most popular in the summer. This is because the period from May to August is the best to best enjoy the authentic flavor of mussels.


Pasta with Genovese – in Neapolitan cuisine its importance is equal to that of ragù: the Genoese sauce can be considered a white ragù, with the addition of many onions. These cook for a long time, until they soften and create an exquisite puree, with a sweet but strong flavor.

Spaghetti with clams – It is a typical first course of the city of Naples Italy, but appreciated in any part of Italy. If well cooked it is truly a dish with a delicate taste. It can be prepared both in white and red with the addition of some cherry tomatoes.

Mozzarella – Although not exactly one of the typical products of Naples italy, being produced in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno, mozzarella is still one of the most representative foods of Naples. Buffalo milk, rennet and salt are the ingredients that make up buffalo mozzarella a real explosion of flavor and a delight for the palate.

Eggplant Parmigiana – The dish is a real monument of Neapolitan cuisine. To hold the layers of fried eggplant together are peeled tomatoes, Neapolitan curved sausage, seasoned caciocavallo and smoked buffalo provola. Finally, a lot of basil is mandatory to perfume everything.


Octopus alla Luciana – The dish is prepared in a casserole, cooked in tomato sauce with capers and olives. The stewed recipe makes the octopus meat pleasantly soft and juicy: alone as a main course, or drowned in spaghetti as a first course, it is one of the musts of Neapolitan cuisine that will make you lose your mind.

Peppered with mussels – It is one of the typical dishes of Neapolitan cuisine. It is prepared with mussels cooked in a pot, seasoned with olive oil, garlic, parsley and plenty of black pepper. You don’t even need forks, get yourself hot bruschetta and a nice glass of white wine.

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