Island of Procida

The island of Procida together with Capri and Ischia is one of the three pearls of the Gulf of Naples, a small island that has about 10,000 inhabitants with 16 km of coastline. It’s mainly formed by yellow tuff and for the rest by gray tuff, its coasts in some low and sandy areas, elsewhere […]

About Naples

If you are planning your holiday in Naples Italy to discover the wonders of the historic center, on this website you will find an overview of the most important tourist information on how to move, where to sleep, what to eat, things to do and the itineraries you can follow. In order to savor the […]

How to move in Naples

Although it is a very large city, if you are planning your holiday in Naples to visit the wonderful monuments of the historic center, you can limit your visit to only a portion of the city that you can easily walk around wearing a pair of comfortable shoes. Our advice, if you do not take […]

Where to sleep in Naples

If you are planning your holiday to visit the historic center of Naples, the optimal solution is to sleep in its heart near the monuments, but since the Metro Line 1 reaches the historic center you can also look for accommodation to sleep near one of its stations. Valid alternatives to the historic center are […]

What to eat in Naples

Known throughout the world for some of its famous dishes, the cuisine of Naples is a mix of tastes, flavors and traditions of the past. Born as a poor cuisine, but flanked by a more refined and elaborate gastronomy typical of the aristocracy, over the centuries it has evolved and changed, reworking popular traditions with […]

Neapolitan pastry

Pastry in Naples Italy is not only a source of work, taste and income, but also an art, a vocation, a very important part of history and tradition. Every dessert, every cake, every variation in taste and fillings evokes memories, moments, parties, moments of life, combining past and present in a call of sight, smell […]

Neapolitan coffee

Like pizza, Neapolitan coffee represents much more than a culinary tradition: it is a real essential component to understand the Neapolitan philosophy of life, as it fits into the daily life of the inhabitants of the city, and which also enchants the tourists who visit. the noble districts like the most popular ones. For sure, […]

Naples Maps and Apps

Naples has a charm that continues to enthrall visitors from all over the world. But, like all big cities, it can seem chaotic and finding your way around can be difficult. Here you will find the maps and apps of Naples Italy, ready to view or download. A fundamental tool to keep at hand, or […]

Arrival in Naples

Naples Italy weather – The best time to visit Naples is from April to November. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with very mild winters and hot and humid summers but also cooled by the sea breeze. The temperatures in winter are very pleasant, they can even reach 20°C, hardly drop below 5°C and only […]