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Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

Naples, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, is home to one of the most surprising and lesser-known treasures: the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro. Located near the Cathedral of Naples, this museum is a tribute to the faith and devotion of the Neapolitan people towards their patron saint, San Gennaro.

History of the museum

The Treasure of San Gennaro dates back to when, in 1527, some relics of the saint were saved from looting. Since then, nobles, popes, and faithful have enriched the treasure with donations, creating an unparalleled collection. The current museum was inaugurated in 2003, aiming to preserve and exhibit these extraordinary items to the public.

Unique features and collections

The Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro stands out for its rich collection of artworks, jewels, and sacred objects, many of which are exquisite examples of goldsmithing and sacred art.

  1. Sacred Objects: Among these, the Mitre, studded with thousands of precious gems, and the Cross of San Gennaro, a masterpiece of goldsmithing, are especially notable.
  2. Jewels: The museum boasts one of the world’s richest collections of jewelry, including unique pieces like the priceless Necklace of San Gennaro.
  3. Artworks: Includes paintings, sculptures, and liturgical furnishings, many donated by kings and popes over the centuries.
  4. Relics: The museum holds important relics of San Gennaro, including the vial containing his blood, central to the famous miracle of liquefaction.

Curiosities of the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

One of the most fascinating curiosities of the museum is linked to the miracle of the liquefaction of San Gennaro’s blood. This is a phenomenon that attracts thousands of faithful and curious onlookers, where the saint’s blood, stored in a phial, liquefies three times a year on specific occasions.

What to see in the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro

  1. The Chapel of the Treasure: An extraordinary baroque chapel housing the treasure, a magnificent example of Neapolitan art and architecture.
  2. The Treasure Room: Here the most valuable objects are displayed, including the legendary Necklace of San Gennaro and other works of inestimable value.
  3. The Relics Room: Contains the relics of the saint, including the phial with his blood, at the heart of the famous miracle.
  4. Sacred Artworks: The museum houses a collection of sacred art that includes paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts.
  5. Special Events and Temporary Exhibitions: The museum regularly organizes events and exhibitions that enrich its cultural offerings.

Cultural and spiritual importance

The Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro is not just a place for preserving artistic treasures, but it is also a center of profound spiritual and cultural importance. Its collection reflects the history, faith, and art of Naples, offering visitors a unique and meaningful experience.

The Museum in Naples is a hidden gem, a place where art, faith, and history blend into a fascinating narrative. Visiting this museum is not just an opportunity to admire priceless objects, but also to immerse in the history and spirituality of Naples, discovering a more intimate and profound aspect of this enchanting city.




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