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Naples Underground

In the pulsating heart of Naples, beneath its busy and lively streets, hides a completely different world, a labyrinth of history and mystery: Naples Underground. This incredible subterranean museum offers visitors the chance to explore centuries of history, carved beneath the modern metropolis.

History of Naples Underground

The story of begins about 2400 years ago the first tunnels were excavated by the Greeks as quarries for the extraction of tuff, a material used for building the city. The Romans then expanded these tunnels, transforming them into a complex system of aqueducts that supplied water to the entire city. During World War II, these ancient tunnels were used as air-raid shelters, offering protection to citizens from bombings.

Curiosities of Naples Underground

One of the most fascinating curiosities of Naples Underground is the story of the “Love Letters”. During the war, many Neapolitans took refuge here, leaving messages of love and hope on the walls. These messages, still visible, offer a touching testimony of difficult times.

Naples Underground is a museum like no other, extending about 80 meters below the surface. The path traverses environments that tell different stories: from ancient Roman cisterns, used to collect water, to World War II shelters, still enriched with historical testimonies.

What to see in Naples Underground

  1. The Greco-Roman Cisterns: These huge underground tanks are an impressive example of ancient engineering.
  2. The World War II Air-Raid Shelters: An emotional journey through the places that protected Neapolitans during the bombings.
  3. The Greco-Roman Theatre: A fascinating recent discovery is an ancient theater, part of which is visible through the glass floor of a modern building.
  4. The Street of Tombs: An ancient path rich in remains and graves, testifying to the use of these tunnels as a burial place.
  5. The Temple of Asclepius: A recent discovery, this temple dedicated to the god of medicine offers a unique glimpse into ancient spirituality.

Cultural and historical importance

Naples Underground is not just a tourist attraction; it’s a site of great cultural and historical significance. Exploring these spaces provides a better understanding of the daily life of ancient Neapolitans and their resilience in times of war. The site also offers an important lesson on the preservation and recovery of historical heritage.

Naples Underground is a fascinating journey through various epochs of Naples’ history. It offers visitors the opportunity to explore a lesser-known but incredibly rich aspect of the city. This unique experience not only narrates history but also allows one to feel and live the past in an intimate and personal way, making it a must-visit for anyone traveling to Naples.




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