Umberto I Gallery

The Umberto I Gallery I is one of the most beautiful and famous galleries in Italy, located in the heart of Naples, in front of the San Carlo Theater. It is not only a historic and artistic monument but also a place of life and commerce, where you can find shops, cafes, restaurants and apartments. The Umberto I Gallery is an example of Umbertine architecture, characterized by an eclectic style that blends classical, Renaissance, and Baroque elements with innovative use of iron and glass. The gallery consists of four arms intersecting in an octagonal crossing, topped by a 57-meter-high dome, creating a striking play of light and space.

History of Umberto I Gallery

The Umberto I Gallery I was built between 1887 and 1890 as part of the urban redevelopment project for the city of Naples. The project for the gallery was entrusted to the engineer Emmanuele Rocco and was later completed by Antonio Curri and Ernesto di Mauro. To construct the gallery, numerous buildings in the Santa Brigida district, considered unhealthy and deteriorated, were demolished. The gallery was inaugurated in 1890 during the visit of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy to Naples.


Interesting Facts The Umberto I Gallery is full of interesting facts and symbols, making it a fascinating and mysterious place. Some of the most interesting facts include:

  • On the drum of the dome, you can see the Star of David, a symbol of Neapolitan Freemasonry, particularly the Grand Orient of Italy lodge.
  • On the main facade, four statues represent the four parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
  • On the right arch, there are depictions of the four seasons, labor, the genius of science, commerce, industry, and wealth, reflecting the values of the bourgeois society of the time.
  • On the ceilings of the arcades, various classical deities are painted, including Diana, Cronus, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Juno, symbolizing the forces of nature and destiny.

What to See in the Umberto I Gallery

The Umberto I Gallery is a place to visit and experience, where you can appreciate Naples’ art, culture, gastronomy, and shopping. Some of the things to see and do in the gallery include:

  • Admire the iron and glass dome, which creates a play of lights and reflections, especially at sunset and at night.
  • Take a stroll through the shops, offering a variety of items, from fashion and luxury goods to handicrafts and souvenirs.




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