Umberto I Gallery

The Umberto I Gallery, built at the end of the 19th century, is the most famous gallery in Naples Italy. Here you can enjoy a good coffee in the bars, enjoy the shop windows, or visit the pictorial beauties of the eighteenth-century paintings of the Church of Santa Brigida. The gallery has imposing entrance arches on the outside and two streets on the inside with an elegant floor with marble inlays that cross orthogonally under the dome. Admiring the majesty of the Umberto I Gallery in Naples Italy it is difficult to believe that it was built in just 3 years.

Begun in 1887 and finished in 1890, it was built in the same years in which, in Paris, Gustave Eiffel built his famous Eiffel Tower. The Umberto I Gallery in Naples had nothing to envy to the monument with which it rivaled for the beauty and complexity of the structure. The numbers of this construction made heads spin: maximum length 147 meters, width 15, height 34 and a half, the top of the dome at 57 meters. In a short time the Gallery became the “worldly” center of Naples Italy, also thanks to its proximity to the most important places in the city. The Gallery has four different entrances: San Carlo Street, Santa Brigida Street, Toledo Street and Verdi Street.

The main entrance is that of San Carlo street, consisting of an exedra facade, with a portico at the bottom supported by travertine columns and two blind arches.The Salone Margherita was famous in the Gallery, located in the lower part, which was the seat of nocturnal entertainment for a good twenty years for the Neapolitans, welcoming also prominent figures such as D’Annunzio, Crispi, Serao, Scarfoglio. The figure of “Sciuscià”, the city’s shoe shine, is also connected to the Umberto I Gallery. For 50 years they worked inside it, and only nobles or wealthy men were allowed to have their shoes polished inside the Gallery. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit the Umberto I Gallery is one of the things to do.




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