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San Gregorio Armeno Street

San Gregorio Armeno is a street in the historic center of Naples Italy and connects Tribunali Street (Decumanus Major) from San Gaetano Square with San Biagio dei Librai Street (known as Lower Decumanus or Spaccanapoli). In San Gregorio Armeno it’s Christmas all year round. In all months, even when it’s hot and Christmas is far away, the masters are at work to build the typical cork cribs and terracotta shepherds.

The atmosphere of San Gregorio Armeno begins to warm up in November, but December is the month when the street is packed with people at any time of day. Shops that follow one after the other – some even hidden in the courtyards of the ancient buildings – the kindness and sympathy of the sellers, the love that shines through the eyes of the presaprai masters for their art, and the all Neapolitan cheerfulness that breathe is something unique to experience at least once in your life. Walking through San Gregorio Armeno is a tradition for every people of Naples Italy family during Christmas, but it is an obligatory stop to be completed before starting the construction or expansion of your crib.In San Gregorio Armeno, artisans create, exhibit and sell all characters from the classic Christmas tradition: real works of art, the result of the work of artisan families who have handed down the craft for generations.

In particular, in Naples Italy, in this street you can find everything for the nativity scene: from cork or cardboard houses of various sizes, to electrically operated “mechanical” objects such as windmills or waterfalls, from hand-painted terracotta shepherds to those 30 tall cm with clothes in fabric embroidered and sewn to measure. Characteristic of the Neapolitan nativity scene is that of being a perfect union between the sacred and the profane, as it presents not only the statues of the Holy Family in all sizes, invoices and prices, but also the caricature representation of famous people from the present and the past. And becoming part of this circle, or that of the characters of the Neapolitan nativity scene, has become a very coveted goal for the people of the show business of politics and sport. It is in the creation of these statuettes, which are real caricatures, that we find all the irony and imagination of the Neapolitans. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit San Gregorio Armeno Street is one of the things to do.




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