Spanish Quarters

The Spanish Quarters have been portrayed for many years as a place to be avoided, one of the most dangerous areas of the historic center of Naples Italy. Fortunately, in recent years, the Spanish Quarters have been re-evaluated and have become one of the main tourist attractions of the city, a place made up of narrow alleys, clothes hanging out in the sun, small taverns, elements that best represent the soul of Naples Italy and the Neapolitans.

The birth of these quarters is linked to the period in which the Spaniards ruled in Naples, in fact they were born with the intention of finding accommodation for the many soldiers present in the city at the time. Since their birth, the Spanish Quarters in Naples Italy were immediately a disreputable place of perdition, where soldiers came to seek entertainment and where many crimes and abuses were committed. In fact, in recent years we have tried to do a lot to make the area safer and re-evaluate the many architectural jewels hidden in neighborhoods usually not very popular with tourists.

The area thus began to experience rehabilitation from a tourist point of view. Thanks to the particular urban layout, to the new shops and restaurants, to the small fish and fruit and vegetable markets that are stationed inside, to the opening of the new underground station and, in general, to the folklore that the area preserves, the Spanish Quarters they are not infrequently sought after by the photos of onlookers and tourists from all over the world. Furthermore, the area has begun to welcome in recent years a significant number of university students, Italian and foreign, who rent apartments or single rooms there, thanks also to the proximity to some Neapolitan universities. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit Spanish Quarters is one of the things to do.

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