Spanish Quarters

The Spanish Quarters in Naples epitomize the city’s most authentic essence, a labyrinth of alleys and colors that narrate stories of everyday life and age-old traditions. This neighborhood, with its unique atmosphere, is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Naples, offering an unforgettable cultural and sensory experience.


The Spanish Quarters were constructed in the 16th century during the Spanish rule, originally as accommodations for Spanish troops and their families. This explains the area’s peculiar urban planning, characterized by long and narrow streets ideal for military defense. Over time, the quarters transformed into a vibrant hub of commercial and cultural activities, still retaining their distinctive character today.

Walking through the Spanish Quarters, one is immediately captured by the energy and vitality of the streets. Balconies adorned with hanging laundry, artisanal workshops, and small shops provide a unique glimpse into Neapolitan life. The area is also famous for its street art, with murals depicting both historical and contemporary figures, reflecting the creative and resilient spirit of the Neapolitans.

The Spanish Quarters are a paradise for food lovers. Here, you can find some of the best pizzerias in Naples, where you can taste authentic Neapolitan pizza. Besides pizza, the neighborhood offers a wide choice of traditional trattorias, pastry shops, and fry shops, where you can enjoy typical dishes like “cuoppo” of seafood or “babà.”


A curiosity of the Spanish Quarters is the presence of numerous “bassi,” small ground-level homes typical of this area. Once popular dwellings, many have been transformed into shops and workshops, but they still retain the charm of historic Naples. Another peculiarity is the presence of numerous hidden churches, some dating back to the neighborhood’s founding period.

What to see during the visit

During your visit to the Spanish Quarters, don’t miss:

  • Via Toledo and Piazza del Plebiscito: Both bordering the Spanish Quarters, they offer a glimpse into Naples’ history and architecture.
  • Murals and Street Art: Admire the art that decorates the walls and balconies of the neighborhood.
  • Historic Churches: Explore churches like the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie a Toledo, a hidden gem.
  • Markets and Artisan Workshops: Discover the local market and workshops where traditional artisanal products are made.

The Spanish Quarters are not just a neighborhood; they are the beating heart of Naples. They offer an immersion into the city’s history, culture, and everyday life, an experience that remains etched in the memory of every visitor. Visiting them means discovering the true soul of Naples, made of colors, flavors, sounds, and unforgettable stories.

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