Chiaia Street

Chiaia Street, located in the heart of Naples, is one of the city’s most elegant and historic streets. Known for its luxury shopping, historical buildings, and vibrant atmosphere, Via Chiaia offers a unique blend of culture, history, and modernity.


Chiaia Street has ancient origins, dating back to the Kingdom of Naples period. Initially, it was a road connecting the historic center to the waterfront. Over the centuries, it became a reference point for nobility and the upper bourgeoisie, as evidenced by the elegant small buildings and historic palaces that dot the street.

Walking along Chiaia Street, one can admire numerous examples of noble architecture, with facades in Baroque and Liberty styles. The street is also a cultural center, hosting art galleries, theaters, and exhibition spaces. One of its symbols is Palazzo Cellammare, one of the most important historical buildings, famous for its legends and stories.

Via Chiaia is a shopping paradise in Naples, with a wide range of high-fashion boutiques, designer stores, and jewelry shops. Beyond shopping, the street also offers delicious gastronomic options, from fine dining restaurants to historic cafes, where you can taste traditional Neapolitan cuisine and famous local sweets.


One of the most interesting curiosities of Chiaia Street is the presence of the historic Chiaia Funicular, one of Italy’s first funicular railways, connecting the area to the hilltop Vomero district. Another point of interest is the Bourbon Gallery, an underground passage that once connected the Royal Palace to military barracks.

What to see during the visit

During your visit to Chiaia Street, be sure to not miss:

  • Palazzo Cellammare: Admire the architecture and discover its stories and legends.
  • Chiaia Funicular: Experience a journey on this historic means of transport.
  • Bourbon Gallery: Explore this fascinating underground route.
  • Boutiques and Cafes: Enjoy luxury shopping and a break in one of the historic cafes.

Via Chiaia is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Naples, offering a perfect balance between rich Neapolitan history, modern elegance, and the vibrant energy of the city. A stroll down this street is an immersion in the culture, fashion, and gastronomy that make Naples unique.

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