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Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore

The San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex, nestled in the vibrant heart of Naples‘ historic center, is a veritable palimpsest of history and art. This multifaceted structure, combining a church, a convent, and a fascinating underground archaeological site, offers visitors a deep dive into the city’s different historical epochs.


The history of the San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex begins in the 13th century, when it was constructed in the French Gothic style. The church, dedicated to Saint Lawrence, has undergone numerous restorations and modifications over the centuries, adding Renaissance and Baroque elements to the original Gothic structure. Attached convent has played a significant role in the religious and cultural life of Naples.

The Gothic facade of the church, with its elegant lines and large rose window, invites visitors to explore its interior where art and history harmoniously blend. Inside, the nave and side chapels are enriched with artworks by masters such as Luca Giordano and Pietro Cavallini. The cloister, with its tranquil garden and refined arches, is a haven of peace in the bustling city center.

Archaeological excavations

Beneath the complex lies a captivating archaeological site that bears witness to the different historical phases of Naples. The excavations have revealed remains of ancient Greco-Roman Neapolis, including stretches of streets, shops, and dwellings. This underground area allows visitors to literally walk through the ages, offering a unique perspective on Naples’ urban history.


A fascinating aspect of the San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex is its long association with the famous poet and philosopher Giovanni Boccaccio. It is believed that Boccaccio, during his stay in Naples, frequented the convent, finding inspiration for some of his most famous works.

What to see during the visit

During your visit, be sure to not miss:

  • The Nave and Chapels: Each chapel has its unique collection of sacred art, with paintings and sculptures deserving attention.
  • The Cloister: A perfect example of Gothic architecture, it offers a moment of quiet and reflection.
  • The Archaeological Excavations: An unforgettable journey beneath the city’s surface, exploring ancient Naples.
  • The Opera Museum: Here, you can admire historical artifacts and artworks that tell the story of the complex and its community.

The San Lorenzo Maggiore Complex is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Naples. It offers a rich and varied cultural experience, uniquely combining art, history, and spirituality. Its location in the historic center makes it easily accessible and an ideal stop to better understand the historical and cultural fabric of Naples.




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