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Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore

The Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore, which every year attracts thousands of visitors and schoolchildren from all over the world and hosts important events, represents a sort of “trait d’union”, that is a rare example of continuity of life and testimony of the centuries-old history of Naples Italy. The excavations of San Lorenzo Maggiore, known as the Buried Neapolis, are located below the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, one of the oldest in Naples Italy, an extraordinary church from 1200, the Norman period, founded by Charles of Anjou and built above what remained of the ancient Greco-Roman settlement.

The irregular reservoir of San Gaetano Square is what remains of a larger open space, corresponding to the civil and religious center of the ancient city: this area has in fact always been recognized as the Roman Forum, coinciding in turn with the agora of the Greek city. The testimonies of the past already emerge in the monumental Gothic basilica. The modern floor hides the plan of the pre-existing early Christian basilica, divided into five naves and preceded by a four-sided portico; near the main altar, the work of Giovanni da Nola, the mosaic floors of the 6th century Paleochristian apse are visible, protected by a crystal walkway.

From the portico of the current cloister, a modern staircase leads to the Roman road, which is subjected to the modern level by about 7 meters. The road corresponds to one of the cornerstones of the Roman city (the stenopòs of the Greek city); on it there are a series of rooms, originally public offices and which during the decline of the last centuries of the Empire are transformed into modest factories such as ovens, laundries, shops. Visiting the Complex of San lorenzo Maggiore In Naples Italy is like taking a journey back in time. The complex constitutes in fact a stratified historical testimony, perfectly preserved, of how Naples italy has evolved over time. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit the Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore is one of the things to do.




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