Tribunali Street

Today’s Tribunali Street, so called because it ends in front of Capuano Castle (seat of the Palace of Justice since the 16th century), corresponds to the ancient Decumanus Major which crossed the ancient city of Neapolis, founded by the Greeks for its entire length. in the fifth century BC, the current Naples Italy. The Decumanus Major is a thoroughfare of the ancient center of Naples Italy and, together with the Lower and Upper Decumanus, one of the three main streets of the ancient Greek urban layout.

The road, urbanistically the most important of the three, is the heart of the decumanus of Naples. The Major Decumanus starts roughly from Port’Alba and Bellini Square (where there are the first Greek walls of the historic center of Naples Italy) continuing along San Pietro a Majella Street and Tribunali Street, which crosses with Duomo Street and then ends at Capuano Castle. The latter is the reason why the street has been called the street of the courts since the sixteenth century.

In fact, the Capuano Castle, since the beginning of the sixteenth century, by the will of Don Pedro of Toledo, assumed the role of court of the city. In a central position in Tribunali Street you can find San Gaetano Square, which stands on the area where the agora of the city stood in Greek times, which later became a forum in Roman times. Also on the square, as evidence of this, there are the entrances to the subsoil of Naples and to the excavations of San Lorenzo, which offer important remains of the Greek Neapolis. Along the way you can visit splendid Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches which preserve numerous masterpieces such as the famous painting by Caravaggio of the Pio Monte della Misericordia. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit Tribunali Street is one of the things to do.




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