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Complex of Santa Chiara

The Complex of Santa Chiara, located in the vibrant heart of Naples, is a place of extraordinary beauty and significance, where history, art, and faith intertwine in harmonious dialogue. This complex, comprising the basilica, the monastery, the cloister, and the museum, represents one of the architectural and cultural pearls of the city.

History of the Complex

Founded in the 14th century by Robert of Anjou and his wife Sancha of Majorca, the Complex of Santa Chiara has undergone numerous transformations over the centuries. Originally built in the Provençal Gothic style, it suffered severe damage during the bombings of World War II, only to be restored to its original style, revealing its majestic simplicity.

The Basilica of Santa Chiara

The basilica is the heart of the complex, a magnificent example of Gothic architecture. Its interior is austere but imposing, with high vaulted ceilings and a bright nave leading to the main altar. Inside, there are significant artworks, including frescoes and sculptures.

The Majolica Cloister

The Cloister of the Poor Clares, also known as the Majolica Cloister, is perhaps the most fascinating element of the complex. Decorated with beautiful 18th-century majolica tiles depicting scenes of everyday life, plants, animals, and landscapes, it is an oasis of peace and beauty.

The museum of the works

The Museum of the Works of the Complex of Santa Chiara preserves historical and religious artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, and sacred objects, narrating the history of the complex and monastic life.

Curiosities of the Complex

One of the most fascinating curiosities of Santa Chiara is related to its cloisters. The Majolica Cloister, in particular, was created in the Rococo style and is unique in Naples, a splendid example of how art and nature can create an environment of tranquility and beauty.

Santa Chiara is not just a place of prayer; it is a site of great historical, artistic, and cultural significance. The complex represents the fusion of different eras, showcasing various phases of Neapolitan history and art.

Visiting the Complex of Santa Chiara in Naples is a profoundly memorable experience. Not just for its beauty and tranquility, but also for the historical and cultural richness it offers. This place is a journey through centuries of history, art, and spirituality, reflecting the complexity and depth of the city of Naples.

What to see in the Complex of Santa Chiara

  1. The Basilica: With its imposing Gothic architecture and internal artworks.
  2. The Majolica Cloister: A masterpiece of art and design, with its vibrant majolica tiles and lush garden.
  3. The Museum of the Works: Houses a collection of sacred art and historical relics.
  4. The Royal Tombs: The complex includes the tombs of members of the House of Anjou, including Robert of Anjou and Sancha of Majorca.
  5. The Refectory Hall: Decorated with frescoes and artworks, once a gathering place for the nuns.




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