Maschio Angioino

The Maschio Angioino is a medieval and Renaissance historical castle, as well as one of the symbols of the city of Naples Italy. The name Maschio Angioino is not a quirk of the Neapolitans but has a much simpler origin: in the Middle Ages the “Maschio” was the main tower of a castle, the most protected one where the castellan took refuge with his family during sieges. Therefore “Maschio” indicates the role of fortress that this castle has played for centuries in Naples Italy. Angioino, on the other hand, derives from Charles I of Anjou, who in 1266 defeated the Swabians and moved the capital from Palermo to Naples.

The Maschio Angioino was built to guard the city from enemy raids, the position in which it was built was of strategic importance and completed a defensive system that previously had as protagonists the Castel dell’Ovo, now too old and obsolete for the attack systems of the time, and Castel Capuano, in a not very strategic position and far from the sea. The project was entrusted to the French architect Pierre de Chaulnes, the works for the construction of the Maschio Angioino began in 1279 to finish just three years later, a very short time given the construction techniques of the time and the size of the work.

The appearance of the castle we see today is very different from the initial one. Over the years the castle has undergone numerous renovations and renovations by the rulers who took turns to the throne.The Municipality of Naples Italy in 1920 began the works to isolate the castle from the nearby buildings to enhance it, having recognized its historical and aesthetic value. Today the Maschio Angioino is intended for cultural events and is also the seat of the Civic Museum. The museum itinerary winds between the Armory Room, the Palatine or Santa Barbara Chapel and the first and second floors of the southern curtain which together with the Charles V Room and the hall of the lodge host artistic events and activities. If you are planning your holiday to visit Naples Italy, visit the Maschio Angioino is one of the things to do.

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  • Distance 700 meters from Toledo Metro Station – 100 meters from Municipio Metro Station



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